The Ohmori Laboratory of Exercise Biochemistry

運動生化学 大森研究室  体育系A棟302号室

Introduction to the Ohmori Laboratory of Exercise Biochemistry

Our laboratory is a place filled with energetic and enthusiastic researchers who are working on trying to find answers to a variety of questions that can make a difference to the world. Our fundamental concept is that contributing to society fills one with a sense of tremendous satisfaction. In fact, research has meaning only when its results and achievements contribute to society. It gives one great pleasure to push oneself harder every day to achieve this mission and the Ohmori Laboratory provides just such an opportunity.
In our laboratory, not only the professor but also visiting researchers, part-time lecturers, and former graduates who are now engaged in collaborative research are available to provide individualized advice to help you grow and develop your skills and expertise.
We are therefore looking for students who:

  • are keen to pursue a subject that interests them.
  • want to be engaged in both sporting activities and research.
  • want to make use of experience, acquired through the research, in their future work or in sports instruction.
  • hope to continue research in the future.

Our lab welcomes students eager to learn more and carry out research